Monday, October 8, 2012

The Infant of Prague

Last week while thrifting, I found a vintage religious figurine.

About 15 inches tall, and made of chalkware or plaster, he is a replica of the famous Infant of Prague, the Baby Jesus. There is some chipped paint and maybe a cross is broken off of the blue orb in his left hand. (Not sure as I was unable to find one exactly like mine on the internet.) Otherwise in very good condition. He is marked in back with the initials UA. He was $3.

The muted peachy, aqua and green colors of his robe accented with gold trim make the figurine truly beautiful.

First, I first put him in the entrance foyer on a shelf with a vintage swan figural planter.

The colors of his robe were perfect in my coral tiled bathroom. This would work too.

My bathroom is vintage, if you remember.

I also tried the statue on top of my china cabinet with my small Bible collection.

Where do you think it works best?


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  1. I like him with the coral tile of the bathroom, but he seems to fit in all of the spaces quite well. Normally I don't go for figurines, but this one has a cool character to it. Nice find!

  2. I like him on top of your china cabinet best. He looks quite comfortable there. :@

  3. Carlene, I love your new find! I always thought it would be awesome to collect religious artifacts. I still regret the day I passed on a portable "last rites" kit. Darn. Creepy, but would have been fun to have!

  4. The infant looks great no matter where you place him. Who would have thought that a religious symbol that I've seen my whole life, would become decor for so many?

  5. I don't have any religious collections but this figurine is really amazing. He looks great everywhere but I like him with the bibles! Hugs, Linda

  6. Your Holy Infant is very pretty. I thought he looked pretty in your foyer. For a couple of years I kept finding Holy Infant statues at all kinds of thrift stores and flea markets. I thought they were so pretty and serene and I couldn't leave them behind. I now have six of them. Different sizes, and made from different materials. Each one looks like it was handpainted. Now I never see them at sales anymore. Just as well, I think six might be plenty. Friends have said to me that they are so pretty, I didn't know you were Catholic. Oh, I'm not. I just am drawn to them.

  7. I think he'd look best in MY house! LOL. I'm torn between the pink tile bathroom and with the bible collection.

  8. He's a beauty, and he seems to work wherever you put him. Great find! laurie

  9. I like him on top of the china cabinet. That is a wonderful find!

  10. I like him on the china cabinet too. Looks like a space made just for him! :)

  11. Anywhere you want to see him! I have a Jesus by my kitchen sink...that's where I think about things. Love Infant of you know they found it in rubble and kept hearing, "fix my hands," b/c they were broken...and so they did and miracles starting happening. He is lovely!

  12. I collect wooden Santos and angels.

    I love him, and he is perfect watching over the world.


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